1: What sizes should I measure?

If you are ordering a Rooflight or a Roof Lantern you will need to measure INTERNAL hole sizes. You will also have to take into account any plasterboard and skim finish you will be using.

If you are ordering a Skylight, Atrium Skylight or Pyramid Skylight you will need to measure the EXTERNAL of the hole. This is because the eaves beam sits on the external of your timber kerb upstand.

2: How do I get a price?

There are a number of ways. You can use the website, email, livechat or telephone our dedicated quotes team on 0845 474 8747 who will be able to assist you further.

3: Do you offer trade discounts?

Yes. If you are a returning customer or you want to order a number of products from our website we can offer you a discount. Please email or phone for more information.

4: What are your payment terms?

Our payment terms for normal orders are strictly proforma using debit/credit card or BACS. If your order amount is larger than £4000 we will accept 50% of the total invoice amount at point of sale and the other 50% one or two days prior to delivery.

5: How fast can I get delivery?

Our standard products are usually delivered within 14 working days to site. If the product needs to be powder coated the lead time is extended to 21 days. Lead time with roof vents is 5 days. If you need a quick delivery to site please contact us.

6: Do you offer an installation service?

Yes. If you need a quote for installation please contact us for a price.

7: I don’t like the finials and crestings. Do I need them?

No. The finials and crestings are purely decorative. Some customers like them and some don’t. It usually depends on what type of property the rooflight or roof lantern is being fitted to.

8: Can I have different pitches?

On our rooflight and roof lantern ranges we can manufacture your pitch to be as low as 15 degrees and up to 35 degrees. The standard pitch on all our products is 25 degrees.

The pitch on our skylights is a fixed 25 degrees and this cannot be changed.

On our atrium and pyramid skylights the pitch is a fixed 20 degrees.

9: What colours can I order?

Our products have standard and non standard colour options. We can now offer the customer any RAL colour they want. This gives the customer full control of their order.

10: What is the largest size that you can supply me?

Rooflights and Roof Lanterns:
From 500mm x 1000mm to 5000mm x 12,000mm.

Atrium Skylights:
From 500mm x 1000mm to 2750mm x 8000mm.

From 1000mm x 1500mm to 2000mm x 4000mm.

Pyramid Skylights:
From 500mm square to 2750mm square.

11: Do your rooflights and skylights come assembled in one piece?

No. We used to supply our products in one piece but found that many sites are different and some have access problems. Our customers have said that self assembling in situ means that no heavy lifting equipment or added lifting labour is needed. By sending them flat packed we overcome difficult site problems, the need for cranes or heavy lifting equipment and health and safety issues.

12: Do you have a showroom?

No. Unfortunately we don't have a showroom. Our full catalogue is available online with up-to-date pricing and stock levels.