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All our rooflights are fabricated using just one aluminium ridge section.

As we have first hand experience of making rooflights we know that almost all have pitches of 25 degrees. This is why we use a fixed 25 degree ridge.  Because the ridge aluminium section is in one piece it makes the rooflight more rebust and stronger than ever.

We realise that in some instances you may want to have a lower or higher roof pitch.

When a variable ridge is used the clever internal rotation of the rain excluder allows pitch variations of between 15 and 35 degrees. Please email us if you need a rooflight with a bespoke pitch.

The ridge top capping has two clips. It fastens directly to the ridge without the need for drilling holes through the important top cover.

This makes it quicker and stops potential leaks.

Cresting and Finials

With every rooflight purchase you will receive two finials and the correct amount of crestings for your ridge.

These parts are very easy to connect together.  The cresting has a male and female which interlock and slide into the top of the ridge top capping.  The finials simply twist into position at the top of the ridge. 

These parts are for aethetics only and it is down to your discretion if you wish to use them.

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