Colours & Materials

All our rooflights, skylights and roof lanterns have standard and non standard colours.

Our standard colours are:- White (uPVC), White (aluminium), Mahogany, Light Oak and Rosewood.

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Our non-standard colours are any colour from our RAL chart.

Here is an example of our powder coated colours:-

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Whether you prefer a contemporary or traditional finish, the endless colour options available from UK Rooflights allow you to make a statement with a bold colour or simply match the surroundings of your home. No matter how discerning your tastes, we've created a unique RAL colour palette to satisfy every style and complement every home. You can even choose to have your rooflight or flat roof skylight with different colours inside and outside your home, giving you almost limitless options.

There are literally 1000’s of different possible colour combinations to choose from when you use our RAL chart.


Internally all our rooflights are uPVC. We never use bare aluminium profiles as this can lead to condensation issues.

uPVC will always outperform aluminium when it comes to thermal efficiency as the plastic will warm to the room temperature a lot easier.


Our rooflights and skylights come with an option when it comes to the external materials.

If you choose a white colour then white uPVC cappings are used. There is also a white aluminium option.

All our external cappings are powder coated marine grade aluminium with the exception of the white uPVC option. We can now powder coat the external or the internal of your rooflight or skylight in any colour you choose. A copy of our RAL chart can be found here.


All of our rooflights are constructed from strong, robust but lightweight aluminium bars. The aluminium bars form the main skeleton of the rooflight.

All the bars and ridge that make up the skeleton of our rooflight and skylight products are made from strong robust lightweight aluminium. Internally the aluminium is covered by a uPVC cover. This makes it aesthetically pleasing and reduces the chance of condensation.